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Trees in an urban environment often require some form of pruning during their life to maintain their health, size and shape. When they grow significantly larger then initially they begin to interfere with properties, prevent light and can also generally becoming problematic.

Cestrian Tree Care can provide customers with an effective service for Tree Pruning to maintain various species of trees, hedges and smaller shrubs. We use industry recognised pruning techniques which will leave your trees with a natural shape and appearance.

We have strong relationships with local authorities, and if necessary we can assist our clients in making tree preservation order applications. If you have any questions regarding legislation around laws, tree preservation orders or wildlife acts concerning Tree Pruning then please do contact us!

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The most common methods of Tree Pruning:

  • Crown Reduction – The reduction in height and spread of the crown of a tree. This may be used to reduce stress on individual branches or the whole tree, make the tree more suited to its environment or to reduce the effects of shading and loss of light.
  • Crown Thinning – The removal of dense areas of foliage throughout the canopy. This will allow light to pass through the tree or reduce wind resistance.
  • Crown Lifting – The removal of the very lowest branches of the tree to reduce loss of light, interference with properties or highways.
  • Dead-Wooding – The removal of dead, dying or diseased branches that can potentially fall and injure anyone or damage a property.
  • Pollarding – Pollarding is a form of heavy pruning, which involves the removal of the upper branches of a tree. This will promote the growth of a dense head of foliage and branches. This is a useful technique for controlling the rapid growth of certain species.

Traditionally, native hardwood trees are pruned during the dormant season when they have lost their leaves during autumn / winter. However, most species of tree can be sympathetically pruned all year-round without causing any harm!

This is dependent on the species of tree, as some react better to pruning at different times of the year.

It is advisable not to prune certain species of trees during early spring as they can bleed sap at this time of year. It is also best to avoid pruning, if a tree is showing signs of stress or ill health as this could worsen the situation.

Cestrian Tree Care can advise customers, and carry out the correct pruning methods to best suit the needs of the specific tree.

Cestrian Tree Care is based in Cheshire, and covers Northwich, Chester, Ellesmere Port, Frodsham, Warrington, Knutsford, Altrincham, Hale, Sandbach and surrounding areas! For all Tree Pruning in Cheshire, please contact us for a free quotation!


“Do not hesitate to use Cestrian Tree Care! I would highly recommend for a very professional service… and they will not let you down! A brilliant job, on our gigantic oak tree!”

Michael Parker Hartford

“Will and his team have assisted us enormously on multiple sites across Cheshire. His advice, and experience have always been invaluable. The recent jobs have included selective thinning of large dense woodland and full restoration of an overgrown orchard. I fully recommend Cestrian Tree Care!”

Edward Barnston Barnston Estate

“We needed a substantial pear tree removing. Will came to view the tree to provide a quote and then turned up on the agreed date, which was all very efficiently! He professionally took down the tree, and left the site clean and tidy… we couldn’t have asked for a better service!”

Cliff M Acton Bridge

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